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I placed an order for cologne.I got my order and the products are FAKE.

The colognes smell like chemicals and are just nasty. I am out $100. They always replied promptly to emails before I ordered and now they will not reply and I suspect they are waiting until the time frame runs out to return the items. I am afraid once I return them they will not refund my money.

I did not take my own advice of if it sounds too good then it is not.I will post back if I ever get a refund/satisfaction.

Review about: Fragrance.


Medford, Oregon, United States #1268497

Thanks for the heads up, I was just about to buy a ring.

Houston, Texas, United States #653875

Just received my perfume and omg it smells like chemicals, am about to send it back and hope to get a refund, to those who haven't placed an order please refrain from doing so, you will be disappointed.wish i had seen this before i ordered it. am sooooooo pissed off. product is fake


Finally got my refund.He charged me 20% restocking fee and postage.

Lesson learned, never again.:upset

to sheliarocs #744120

What is the return address? I need to return this funky Agcua Di *** they sent me.


UPDATE- Owner had me return the product, however he does not get mail at his address so the stinking product is being returned to me and I am still out my refund plus extra postage trying to send it back per his request.

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